Clear Cache, SEO and Create Gallery

CTRL + F5 will clear the cache on your page.  I have found you will get a live refresh if you view the actual post page while you work (in another tab obviously).  I changed to another blog plugin, but the actual post list pages (listing, events, knowledge) are not refreshing live, there is a delay.  I will have to contact the site host (dream host), it may be a host issue/setting.  I’ve not experienced this before!  The delay is not going to affect your viewers, it will only cause you annoyance while creating posts until I find the solution!


Click the All in One SEO for the drop down (shown in the image) and open the SEO Dashboard.  There are lots of tutorials in there and you can set up your SEO as desired.  I wanted to share this because I forgot it during the call.  It is something you can do yourself, or if you find you’d like to, you can also hire me.  But, if you have some time, it is completely do-able yourself.


All the small images on this page will enlarge if you click ’em.



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